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Air Mattress Yuwell-AIR 113 (Anti-decubitus Mattress)

৳ 4,250.00
Brand: Yuwell Product: Anti-decubitus Mattress Model: AIR 113 Description: This treatment scheme is intended for those with established surface pressure sore or damaged current tissue or evaluated as low danger or at medium danger, even at very elevated danger of developing a pressure sore. By constant motion, it can provide great pressure to decrease. Clinically proven to be useful and appropriate for all healthcare environments High-quality ripple mattress type bubble Manual pressure adjustment Low noise Convenient hook (for bed hanging) Technical Specifications: Rated Voltage: 220V Power: 10VA Outer Air Presser: >= 14kpa Outer Flow: >= 5L/min Working: Continuously Size: 200 (L) X 90 (W) X 9 (H) cm/6.5ft (L) X 3ft (W) X 3.5inch(H) Warranty 1 Year


৳ 120.00
  • Individually foil protect for convenience
  • 70% Isopropyl Alcohol for optimum anti-bacterial action
  • Four-layer wrapper provides air-tight seal which prevents leakage and drying out

Aluminum First Aid Box with Security Lock – (China Standard)

৳ 1,450.00
Company Name: IRISH
Model NO. B016-5
Item: First Aid Box
Dimension: 245x150x160 mm
Ctn size: 550x540x390 mm
Cbm/ctn: 0.116 cbm
Pcs/ctn: 1/12
Color: Silver
N.W/pcs: 0.8 kg

Electric Hot Water Bag Pain Relief

  • Support 85-240V electricity, widely used to many countries include the US
  • Heat Lasts Longer – Made of Premium Comfy and Thick Velvet to retains heat for an extra long time,heat lasts 3-5 hours outdoor / 4-6 hours indoor
  • Functional and Eco-friendly – Non-toxic, Not only handwarmer,but also it can be used for Pain Relief / Muscle Relaxation & Comfort Use and As Pillow
  • Perfect for Self-use and Gift – Play with them, cuddle them, use them as pillows.
  • Package Included – 1 Rechargeable Electric Heat Hot Water Bag, 1 Soft Velvet Cover (Approx. Size: 8 inch wide x 10.6 inch length), 1 Pack Box, 1
  • Not Suitable For Ice
  • Ideal for Men & Women
  • Leak Proof Feature

Knee Support 3D (Pair),F-15, United Medicare

৳ 370.00
Product Details
Brand United Medicare
Model Name Knee Support 3D (Pair)
Country of Origin INDIA
Product Code F-15
Size S,M,L,XL


United Medicare’s Hinged Knee Support is made of the DRY-TEX highest grade, covered on both sides with nylon for your convenience. DRY-TEX is the ultimate compression and heat retention material that helps improve the circulation of the blood. This combination provides a therapeutic treatment to muscle and joint pain or injury This Product is available in two sizes: Universal Size for circumferences of 41cms to 58cms above the knee cap and 33cms to 50cms below knee cap XXL size for circumferences of 60cms to 65cms above the knee cap and 50cms to 55cms below the knee cap.

NTFS Beauty Facial Steamer -Thermal Spa Nano Aromatherapy Steam Machine Sprayer

৳ 1,350.00
Pore cleaning, Deep Hydration Control: 0/1/2 Settings Improving face blood circulation Use for the warm steam facial sauna. For pore cleansing, deep hydration, and purification of the face. Dredge pores, Removes grease, and deeply cleanse the skin. Promotes the face blood circulation, Rejuvenates. Replenishes water, maintains the water balance of the skin, increases skin elasticity. Provides relief from cold and sinus problems. Can use with incense or essential oils to enjoy an aromatherapy sauna at home. Helps to eliminate fatigue, eliminate the pouch and black rim of the eye. Steam Time 15-20 minutes. On / off switch. Three-Gear Control. Energy-saving and environmentally friendly saves more than 40% energy. Precise temperature control Add the spices and essential oils to the steamer, then you can enjoy an aromatherapy sauna at home.